Tuesday, 15 August 2017

The Best Time is Always Right Now


What’s that thing that you want to do ‘one day’? The thing that’s always at the back of your mind, the idea that has always remained a dream, something that you’ve never even tried to make a reality. Everyone has it, some people have more than one and some even have more than they can count. We all have something in common though, we aren't taking any steps towards making these things happen. It might be a hobby, or a business idea, something that we’d love to do if only we had the time, or the money. My genuine question to you, is why not?
Unfortunately, we’re good at convincing ourselves that right now isn't the best time. Next year, or maybe in a couple of years, it will be the right time. Right? The problem is, that the right time will never come. Ever. Next year, another excuse will come along. The year after that, you’ll find something else that’ll stop you. So, stop waiting for the decision to feel comfortable, because taking a risk will never feel comfortable and that's what makes doing it so rewarding. It’s up to you to work out not whether the time is right, but whether the thing is right.
About a year ago I decided to stop using the word ‘later’ as a means of pushing something to the back of my mind and never thinking about it again. Instead, I started thinking practically about the ideas I had and whether I could take any steps in my current circumstances to make them happen. Rather than killing off an idea with the mentality of ‘I can’t do it’ or ‘It would never work’, I started asking questions like ‘What part of it can I do?’ or ’What do I need to do to make it work?’. Most of the time I found that it was my own mind creating limitations and second guessing anything that I wanted to achieve. Decisions were clouded with self-doubt and lack of confidence, a fear that I wouldn’t be able to see something through and that only end up looking unreliable. If I couldn’t remain committed to my own plan or idea, why should anyone else trust me?
With my personal blog/website, I had written the first post weeks before actually sharing it on the website or on any social media platforms. I was worried it would be my first and only post, a whole website dedicated to my lack of commitment and simply a showcase of the failure that I had set up for myself. It was three weeks after I had written the post, that I found the document on my laptop and read it back to myself. It was only once I’d closed the document and then hesitated and opened it up again changed a word to improve the flow of a sentence, that I realised I had something that would probably be appreciated by a few people around me and that there was a small possibility that it might be worth sharing.
It was the moment I hit ‘Publish’, that I realised that any discomfort I was trying to avoid was all in my head. It’s most likely the same for you too. You don't feel that you’re good enough, or that someone else could do whatever it is you want to do, better than you can. Imagine just how much difference it would make if you changed your mind-set and focused on making progress in your own growth and the development of an idea as opposed to selling yourself short or comparing yourself to others.
Founder of his own media network, Tim O’Reilly said “Pursue something so important that even if you fail, the world is better off with you having tried”. Whether it’s a business, a blog or a YouTube channel, anything that you pursue with your undivided attention and effort, is important. With something important, you will always win. The outcome might not be 1000 views of your first video like you wanted, but it might serve as a source of inspiration to someone that watched it. Your business might not break-even in it’s first year, but it might help someone achieve something that they weren’t able to do on their own. The world is better off just because you tried.
I’m a strong advocate for asking the big question ‘What’s next?’ and my friends can testify that I am constantly pestering them when they get a bit too comfortable or reluctant to make moves towards their bigger goals. What I tell them, and what I really want you to take away from this post is that planning is already half of the work. Asking yourself what you can do within your current capacity and circumstance to make your dream a reality and then committing to completing that task to the best of your ability is the biggest push in the right direction. From that first step, results and feelings of accomplishment will be enough momentum to carry you forward to the next stage. A simple formula that creates the most amazing, rewarding, and worthy results.
There really is nothing stopping you except yourself and the best time is right now. What’s your next step?

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